Realistic Golfing Experience and Proven, Reliable Indoor Golf Technology
Elite Golf Simulator

Holiday Golf’s Indoor Golf Simulators offer proven, reliable indoor golf technology. Our simulator models deliver a realistic golfing experience complete with detailed swing analysis with each swing.

Owning a Holiday Golf simulator is a great way to improve your golf skills and is a lot of fun too.

Indoor Golf Simulator Houston Home

Each Holiday Golf Simulator model comes with the True Swing™ Analyzer with Aim/Putting Sensor, computer with software installed, four putting modes including on screen putting, photo based golf courses, cage and screen, 3,000 lumen video projector, stance mat, computer cabinet and three year warranty except as noted.

All simulator models have easy to use menu screens.

Beautiful Golf Courses
Costa Rica Golf Course

Enjoy the beauty of real golf course pictures! Detailed photographs give you realism that some computer generated golf courses can’t match. Accurate course mapping and ball flight physics allow the golf ball to interact with terrain by disappearing behind hills, rolling down slopes, and colliding with trees and other objects. See our “courses” page for a list of real photo golf courses available with the Holiday Golf simulator.


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